INTO THE WOODS – 5/10. Watching Gotham is an often frustrating experience, the show has great potential that it seems completely determined to squander. The writers just can’t seem to make up their minds and any time anything even remotely interesting happens it is almost instantly undone. Take Gordon’s recent incarceration in Blackgate prison for … More GOTHAM: S02E17


A DEAD MAN FEELS NO COLD – 4.5/10. The strapline for season 2 of Gotham is “the rise of the villains” and they’ve certainly gone all in on that concept. The second half of the season has introduced not one, but two rogues from the Bat-catalogue. What’s more they are fully grown villains whose origin … More GOTHAM: S02E13


MR FREEZE – 5/10. When Gotham was first announced it was hyped as a gritty adaptation of the Jim Gordon sections of Batman: Year One. It would tell the story of Gordon’s first years as an idealistic young detective, dealing with corruption at the GCPD and a mob turf war on the streets of Gotham. … More GOTHAM: S02E12


TURTLES IN A BAT CAVE – 9.5/10. There is a moment in issue 3 of the TMNT/Batman crossover when Leonardo refers to their newly formed alliance as a “totally awesome team-up!” He’s not wrong, it’s been nothing but fantastic since the very first panel, combining great writing with stunning artwork to deliver a massively enjoyable … More BATMAN/ TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #3