WORLDS FINEST – 7.5/10. If the Batman/Superman team up was the dark, gritty face of DC then the Supergirl/Flash crossover was its smiley, snuggly side that Zack Snyder probably has nightmares about. All joking aside, the superhero genre doesn’t have to be defined by any one style. Just like comics, there is plenty of room … More SUPERGIRL: S01E18


KFALLING – 6.5/10. Much like The Flash, Supergirl is a show that is driven by the charm and likeability of its lead character. Melissa Benoist is sweet and effortlessly loveable as Kara, and while Supergirl may not be anywhere near the quality of Flash, it is that warmth that has managed to keep me watching … More SUPERGIRL: S02E16


BIZARRO – 5.5/10 This week’s episode was another pleasant but forgettable offering. Supergirl may not be a great show, but it isn’t necessarily a bad show either. Some shows grip you with their narrative, drawing you in and making you hungry for more, Supergirl is not one of those shows. It’s easy viewing, demanding the … More SUPERGIRL: S01E12