LIFE OF THE PARTY – 6.5/10. They say that desperate times make for strange bedfellows and that was certainly the case in Agent Carter this week. With Peggy still suffering from her injury received at the hands of Whitney Frost, Jason fading into the Darkforce and Frost going full dark side, Peggy is forced to … More AGENT CARTER: S02E06


SMOKE AND MIRRORS – 7.5 The term ‘feminist icon’ gets thrown around a lot when it comes to fictional heroines, with names like Ellen Ripley, Wonder Woman and our own Peggy Carter put forward. As always with the internet, debate follows and by debate I mean insults, death threats and other unpleasantness. Personally I don’t … More AGENT CARTER: S02E04


BETTER ANGELS – 8.5/10. Never let it be said that KOGITFW shows DC more love than Marvel, the simple fact is that there are just more DC shows on TV right now. Thankfully last week saw the return of Marvel’s frankly magnificent mini-series, Agent Carter. Season 1 of Agent Carter was an absolute delight, although … More AGENT CARTER: S02E03