BACK TO NORMAL – 7/10. What makes a hero? It’s not superpowers, or fancy gadgets or even an unhealthy obsession with spandex; the true definition of a hero is a willingness to do what is right no matter what the cost. There are few heroes more earnest than Barry Allen; even without his speed he … More THE FLASH: S02E19


KING SHARK – 7.5/10. The brief appearance of King Shark in “The Fury of Firestorm” has proven to be one of the highlights of Flash’s second season. At the time the producers claimed it was simply a fun cameo as the cost of creating a one tonne, half man/half shark was just too high for … More THE FLASH: S02E15


ESCAPE FROM EARTH-2 – 7/10. While the conclusion to Barry’s jaunt on Earth-2 may have lacked some of the pizzazz of the previous episode, it was still a lot of fun to watch. With Barry imprisoned by Zoom, and Cisco and Wells on the run, things looked pretty bleak for Team Flash. The rest of … More THE FLASH: S02E14


WELCOME TO EARTH-2 – 8/10. Well that was absolutely fantastic! Part one of the two part adventure on Earth-2 delivered in spades, managing to find the perfect balance between providing cool, geeky moments and moving the narrative of the season forwards. With 51 of the breaches in Central City now closed, Barry, Wells and Cisco … More THE FLASH: S02E13