SUPERHEAVY: PART 10 -8/10. Many people have taken up the mantle of the bat over the years; Dick Grayson, Jean-Paul Valley, Terry McGinnis, and most recently Jim Gordon. However there is and only ever will be one Batman and his name is Bruce Wayne. There were those who considered it somewhat premature for Scott Snyder … More BATMAN #50


TURTLES IN A BAT CAVE – 9.5/10. There is a moment in issue 3 of the TMNT/Batman crossover when Leonardo refers to their newly formed alliance as a “totally awesome team-up!” He’s not wrong, it’s been nothing but fantastic since the very first panel, combining great writing with stunning artwork to deliver a massively enjoyable … More BATMAN/ TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #3


SUPERHEAVY: PART 9 – 6.5/10 Scott Snyder continues to build the tension as we race ever closer to issue 50 on the current run of Batman. With Bat-Gordon out of action, the table is being set for an epic showdown between Bloom’s army of mutated ‘friends’ and the original Dark Knight himself. Of course there … More BATMAN #49


“WHEN IN ROME” -9/10 Well that was quite the finale! Europa was an ambitious project that incorporated the work of four artists and the backdrop of four great cities to tell the story of two mortal enemies forced into an uneasy union. This mini-series has been a joy from start to finish, with the story … More BATMAN: EUROPA #4