I may be wrong, but doesn’t it seem like the geeks are taking over? Gone are the days where we would be shunned, abused and quite possibly deported for reading comics and collecting action figures, today geek culture is pop culture! The most successful films and television shows are comic book adaptations, Lego sets are more valuable than gold, roleplaying games are… okay so people still judge us for that, but I’m sure they’ll come around eventually.

Keep on Geeking in the Free World is the blog of a self-confessed geek, a lover of comics, films, toys, TV, wrestling and pretty much anything featuring robot-ninjas, interdimensional dinosaurs and men in spandex (it’s a niche market). So pop on your utility belt, do your best croaky vigilante voice and enjoy a mix of reviews, articles, podcasts, vlogs and cheese boards… there may or may not be cheese boards.



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