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Well, be still my geeking heart, if it isn’t that time of the week again. Yes it’s Sunday and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to take a look back at the news that really mattered this week. Sure there is ‘real’ news out there, but why read that when you can find out my feelings on the new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer (I liked it) or the latest spin-off from The Office (I didn’t like it). Actually I could probably save a lot of time if I started reviewing things like that.

It’s actually been a fairly slow week in Geektopia but we still have updates for you on Wolverine 3, The Last of Us movie, Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2, Dr Strange and a Judge Dredd/Aliens/Predator crossover that pretty much sounds like it could be the best thing ever. So sit down, get comfy, pour yourself a big old glass of Slurm and get ready for the least informative wrap up this side of Latveria…



Who would have thought that the words “Star Wars prequel” could ever make us feel anything other than a looming sense of dread? Well this week afforded us our first look at the upcoming standalone film, Rogue One and I have to say, colour me excited! The film is set between episodes 3 and 4 and will tell the story of a group of rebels who are dispatched by Mon Mothma to steal the plans for the Death Star from the Empire, as you do.

The film is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla) and carries his unmistakable visual style. It has an entirely different feel to anything we have previously seen from the Star Wars Universe while also capturing the 70’s feel of A New Hope. The trailer doesn’t give much away but we do get our first real look at Felicity Jones as the loveable rogue, Jyn Erso. Like Force Awakens, Rogue One has a female lead although hopefully they won’t forget to make toys of her this time.

The trailer also shows a young Mothma, played by Genevieve O’Reilly who looks so much like Caroline Blakiston that it’s scary. We’re introduced to a host of other characters including Ben Mendelsohn’s evil Grand Admiral (not a young Grand Moff Tarkin after all), Forest Whitaker’s mysterious, battle-weary warrior and Donnie Yen’s badass space ninja who kicks some imperial tuchas. We basically know nothing about these characters but it’s enough to get us salivating.

Edwards teases us with a wealth of iconic imagery from the original films including AT-ATs, the Emperor’s Royal Guard, stormtroopers, X-Wings, even the construction of the first Death Star, but the most haunting image is the final shot of Jyn dressed in an imperial uniform turning to face the sound of some very familiar heavy breathing. Darth Vader is confirmed to be appearing in this film, could it be possible that he converts our hero to the Dark Side?


Sadly there is no sign of Mads Mikkelsen in this trailer, but never fear Hannibal fans you will get your Mads fix later in this wrap up, plus it seems likely that he is the robed figure kneeling in front of the Royal Guard. Even those jaded souls who hated Force Awakens will have to admit that Rogue One looks promising. This teaser has proven highly effective in building up the excitement for the film and we can expect more of the same in the months leading up to its release on December 16th.


geek 1

Whatever your thoughts on Batman V Superman we can all agree that “light hearted” probably isn’t the best way to describe it. In fact dark and gritty seems to be the default setting for the entire DC/WB universe. Despite doing well at the box office, “joyless” was a phrase that many critics used to describe both BvS and Man of Steel. It seems that these criticisms have not fallen on deaf ears as WB reportedly ordered David Ayer to add more humour in his recent reshoots for Suicide Squad

It had been rumoured that every joke in the film had been featured in the trailer and WB had spent millions in reshoots to try and match the darkly comedic tone of Deadpool. However actor Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang in the film, went on record this week to deny the rumours. He claimed that the film already had plenty of dark humour and the reshoots were simply done to add even more action to the film. Courtney had this to say:

“I wouldn’t say we’re going back to make it funnier… There’s some additional action stuff that we’ve been doing, which is pretty dope. Really, we’re just kind of adding in that sense…You can’t believe everything you read.”

Suicide Squad is set for release on August 5th so we will simply have to wait until then. The Suicide Squad comics have always been defined by their anarchically comedic streak so it would be a real shame if that failed to translate on to the big screen. Although it seems as though the debate about tone is distracting everyone from the real issue, which is of course the fact that David Ayer thought it was a good idea to tattoo the word “Damaged” onto the Joker’s head.



Principle photography wrapped on Dr Strange this week, there has been a huge buzz surrounding the shoot for this film with plenty of on-set photographs making their way on to the web. The costumes look absolutely fantastic and incredibly true to the comics but one mystery that still surrounds the film is exactly who Mads Mikkelsen will be playing. While these photos don’t give much away the most likely contenders are either Nightmare or Kaluu. Expect more announcements in the coming weeks.



Brace yourself for this shocking reveal…. I don’t like Ricky Gervais; I didn’t like the office, I didn’t like Extras, I didn’t like his stand up and I didn’t even bother watching Derek. In fact the only time I have even remotely enjoyed Ricky Gervais is listening to him and Stephen Merchant laugh hysterically at the nonsensical ramblings of Karl Pilkington. But this is just one man’s opinion and a lot of you will probably be thrilled to hear that Gervais is bringing his most famous creation back to the screen.

This week saw the release of the first trailer for David Brent: Life on the Road. A BBC film that takes the form of a mockumentary that catches up with the talisman of PC awkwardness that is David Brent. The film follows the exploits of the world’s worst boss, more than a decade after he was thrust briefly into the public eye by the long since forgotten documentary, as he continues to try to launch his music career.

Gervais’ last few projects haven’t been met with huge commercial or critical praise so it makes sense that he would return to the well with Brent. Even the biggest fan of The Office would have to be somewhat trepidatious about this one, especially as Stephen Merchant is in no way involved with the film. But it is likely that the film will do respectfully thanks to the cult following of the show. David Brent: Life on the Road will be released August 19th but don’t expect to see a review on here.



Whether you are excited it about it or consider its very existence to be sacrilege, Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel continues to move forward. With Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling already confirmed and Robin Wright in talks to join them it seems another star is set to join the ranks of the tech-noir follow up. Former WWE champion and star of Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista is the latest name to be added to the line-up.

We know next to nothing about the film at this stage, but considering that Big Dave isn’t exactly known for his versatility as a character actor it seems likely that he will be playing a physically imposing replicant. Dubious scarcely begins to cover my feelings on the film at this point, but as a huge WWE fanboy I am always up for watching Bautista punch people in the face. Still the film is going to have to work hard to win over sceptical fans of the original.


last of us

The Blade Runner sequel may be moving along nicely but it’s a case of “time to die” for the Last of Us movie. Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic survival drama is without doubt one of the most beautiful and moving games ever made. If you have not played then I strongly recommend that you find a copy. The game features a powerful narrative to rival any Hollywood movie so it was unsurprising to hear that Sony were looking to adapt it to the big screen.

The film got off to a grand start with the game’s director, Neil Druckmann penning the screenplay and GOT actress Maisie Williams pegged for a lead role (although personally I think she would make a terrible Ellie). However the film seems to have fallen to the wayside with Druckmann claiming that no work has been done on the project for more than a year and a half. As of right now it seems that we are more likely to see a sequel to the game before we see it brought to the big screen.



Judge Dredd has faced some pretty insurmountable challenges over the years, but it seems like he is about to face his toughest one yet when he goes up against two of the greatest hunters in the universe in Dark Horse’s latest crossover title. Writer John Layman recently announced that Old Stone Face would find himself caught up in the ancient blood feud in a four part mini-series set to hit the shelves in July.

When a Predator crash lands in the Cursed Earth it finds itself pursued by a mad scientist and his monstrous creations. After discovering Xenomorph DNA on the ship, the scientist sets about cloning the creatures for his own personal army. Of course it all goes horribly wrong and it’s not long before Judges Dredd and Anderson find themselves drawn into the chaos. Not much else is known about the title as of yet, but with Chris Mooneyham providing the artwork it certainly looks promising.



There was much excitement when Fox confirmed that Wolverine 3 would not only receive an R rating but that it would also be loosely adapted from Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan. There has been some speculation as to how Fox would be able to adapt the comic as they don’t own the rights to the majority of the characters featured in the story. It seems they are going in a completely new direction with the announcement that they have finally cast the main villain of the film.

Narcos actor, Boyd Holbrook has been cast as the chief of security for a global corporation that is pursuing Wolverine. This character doesn’t appear in the comic, in fact it isn’t even clear if the film will use the same post-apocalyptic setting to tell the story of a world ruled by villains. The only confirmed things we know thus far are that Sir Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Xavier and that this will be the last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine. More news as it breaks.


Well there we have it. Not much to report this week but when a new Star Wars trailer drops is there really any need to talk about anything else? What did you think of the Rogue One trailer? Are you excited or has the Star Wars horse been well and truly flogged? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading and until next time… keep on geeking in the free world.


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