.380 – 7/10. When we last left Matt he was preparing to defend the hospital from a full scale invasion by The Hand. It still isn’t clear exactly what Nobu was doing with the people he drained, or what it is he put back into their blood, but he most certainly hadn’t finished with them … More DAREDEVIL: S02E11


THE MAN IN THE BOX – 8.5/10. As we enter the third act of the season we find Matt becoming an increasingly isolated figure. This is an incredibly dangerous place for him to be; his friends are his anchor, that one thing that stops a Daredevil from becoming a Punisher. Elektra is gone, Foggy is … More DAREDEVIL: S02E10


SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN – 9.5/10. The very first concept introduced in season 2 of Daredevil was the idea that the incarceration of Wilson Fisk had created a vacuum in Hell’s Kitchen. Kingpin was a dominate figure in the criminal underworld, he cast his shadow over everything and his absence led to a battle between … More DAREDEVIL: S02E09


GUILTY AS SIN – 9.5/10 In my last review I wrote that watching Daredevil isn’t the same as watching a normal series; it’s more like watching a 13 hour film. I stated that it was only natural that a 13 hour film would begin to somewhat drag in the middle. Well, don’t I look silly … More DAREDEVIL: S02E08


SEMPER FIDELIS – 7/10. If there is one common theme between all superheroes it would be the struggle of balancing two lives. For some it becomes impossible to tell which identity is their true self; Clark Kent wears a cape under his suit while Batman wears a suit over his cape. For Matt Murdock the … More DAREDEVIL: S02E07


REGRETS ONLY – 8/10. Did you miss Frank? Well we only had to go without him for one episode before we got to catch up with everyone’s favourite sociopath. But Frank is in no position to do any punishing as he finds himself strapped in to a hospital bed, awaiting trial for a veritable smorgasbord … More DAREDEVIL: S02E06


KINBAKU – 7/10. They say that love can kill you faster than any bullet and while Matt Murdock can certainly dodge bullets he seems less able to dodge love. This episode slowed the pace somewhat, allowing us to catch our breath after the intensity of Daredevil’s battle with the Punisher, but it still had the … More DAREDEVIL: S02E05


PENNY AND DIME – 8/10. At their last meeting, Daredevil tried and failed to make Punisher understand the truth of his world, but the tables were turned here as it was Frank’s turn to talk. Jon Bernthal has delivered in spades when it comes to the physicality of The Punisher, but here he was able … More DAREDEVIL: S02E04


NEW YORK’S FINEST -10/10. Do you remember the fight scene from season 1 of Daredevil? You know which one I am talking about, THE fight scene. A long-take fight sequence with multiple assailants in the confines of a hallway. That sequence featured some of the most incredible fight choreography we have ever witnessed. It was … More DAREDEVIL: S02E03


DOGS TO A GUN FIGHT – 9.5/10 Forget Batman v Superman. Who cares about Captain America vs Iron Man? The only showdown that matters right now is Daredevil vs The Punisher. Round 1 definitely went to Frank, with Matt taken out by a very precise bullet to his armoured skull. Unfortunately for Matt he didn’t … More DAREDEVIL: S02E02