THE GEEK THAT WAS – 27/03/16



As the more astute of you would have noticed there was no wrap up last Sunday due to some intense binging of Daredevil (you can read my reviews here). But I’m back now with the news that matters… well actually it doesn’t, but it’s a pleasant enough way to waste 20 minutes of your day.

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend here in England, which doesn’t make much sense as who the hell goes on holiday in a bank? I mostly just cry and offer to sexually degrade myself in exchange for an overdraft extension when I go to my bank. But enough of this sexy talk, let’s get to the headlines.

It’s been a fairly slow week but we do have a few updates on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, American Gods, Preacher, Dirk Gently, The Tick, a potential Captain Britain TV series and a lot more Batman themed nonsense for you to enjoy.



So the long wait finally came to an end this week and we got to answer the age old question of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. The answer is of course, the studio. Despite opening to some fairly brutal reviews, BvS has still gone on to make $175 million in the U.S. during its opening weekend and an estimated £350 million worldwide.

So while the reviews may be bringing back painful Daredevil shaped memories for Batfleck/Sadfleck (see the glorious meme above for reference), it seems that the folks at WB/DC actually have plenty to smile about right now. If you’d like to read my spoiler-free review of BvS then you can do so by clicking here, in the meantime here is an adorable picture to cheer up Ben. Awwww.


While critics may not be sold on Zack Snyder’s latest offering, audiences most certainly are. The film has already broken several international box office records; earning $40 million over a 48 hour period in China, which is a new record for an American film in that territory. So if kittens and puppies can’t cheer up Batfleck then a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool filled with money probably will.


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There are those who have accused KOGITFW of focussing too heavily on Batman and The Walking Dead, and to those people we say… here’s an update on The Walking Dead. The season 6 finale is just 7 days away and it’s no secret that Negan, one of the most popular villains from the comic, will be making his debut. It is also pretty common knowledge that Negan’s arrival signals certain doom for at least one major character, but whose head will be on the chopping block?


We still haven’t seen a full promo shot of actor Jeffery Dean Morgan in character as Negan, but a Dutch TV station did leak a trailer for the season finale this week that gave us fleeting glimpses of the character. The trailer has since been pulled by AMC but not before we managed to steal a few screen grabs for our loyal readers. Fight the power! Viva la resistance! Nobody puts baby in the corner! Etc.


The trailer shows Negan stood with his back to the camera and then a POV shot of one of the characters receiving a close up introduction to his barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille. If the shot of Lucille is taken from the episode itself then it seems likely that it will be from the view point of Negan’s eventual victim.

Although rumour has it that the episode will end on a major cliffhanger so we may have to wait longer than 7 days to find out who won’t be coming back for season 7.



Despite the glorious Sadfleck meme, Batfleck actually has very little to feel down about as the critical response to his performance has been overwhelmingly positive. WB is also very big on Batfleck, with studio execs claiming they want him to form the cornerstone of the WB/DC universe over the next decade.  A Batman stand-alone film has already been green-lit with the actor tipped to write, direct and star in the film.

Batfleck is a lifelong comic geek, he even had the entrance to the Batcave built into his mansion, so it is no great surprise to hear that he is a big fan of comic writer Geoff Johns. Batfleck recently revealed that he is collaborating with Johns on “something” and it seems likely that that something is the new Batman film. Then again it could be a superhero themed sequel to Good Will Hunting.


In a recent interview, Batfleck had this to say about Johns:

“Geoff Johns is a brilliant guy. I consider him to be the most valued resource on all things comic book. And every time I like something in a comic I mention, he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I wrote that.’ Now I just think he’s bullshitting me, because he says he wrote everything. He and I are working together on something and I really am excited about it and I love him. He’s the best.”

I like to think that Kevin Smith has read that quote and is now plotting to take his revenge on both Batfleck and Geoff Johns for this painful betrayal. Don’t worry Kev you will always be my most valued comic book resource. In fact here is another plug for Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast which any true Bat-fan needs to listen to. You can check it out here.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 1st although a version of the film was leaked on to torrent sites earlier this week. While millions of naughty folks did their best Jack Sparrow impressions and pirated the hell out of it, that probably won’t hurt sales too much as Star Wars fans have an overwhelming urge to give our money to large corporations.

As an extra incentive to get us to part with our pennies Disney released a press statement announcing just a few of the deleted scenes we can expect to see on the Blu-Ray release. These include:

  • Kylo Ren’s emotional flashback while exploring the Millenium Falcon before his confrontation with Han Solo.
  • Finn encountering a terrified woman during the opening assault on Jakku.
  • An earlier introduction for General Leia on a resistance base.
  • More scenes of Han, Fin and Chewie fighting off stormtroopers in Maz Katana’s basement.
  • Rey and Finn escaping from the Star Killer base on a snow speeder while being chased by First Order stormtroopers
  • Poe Dameron leading his betallion in to space as they prepare for their assault on the Star Killer base.
  • Rey receiving an update on Finn from a resistance doctor


Of all these scenes it is the Kylo Ren flashback that sounds the most intriguing. No word on any of the other special features but you can probably expect a few making of documentaries and a director’s commentary from J.J. Abrams.

Then again they could just take the director’s commentary from A New Hope, change it slightly and use that instead… because those films are similar… have you heard that? On the internet… that’s what people say on the internet, the big meanies.



See, I don’t just talk about Batman and The Walking Dead, that last one was about Star Wars and there is even a bit of news about Captain Britain, that’s about as obscure as it gets! But first here is some more Bat-news to keep you going. WB released the first teaser trailer for their Lego Batman Movie this week and it looks absolutely fantastic.

This film looks totally irreverent and utterly brilliant and could very well be a ‘Deadpool for kids’. Unlike the actual Deadpool movie, which received numerous complaints from idiotic parents who took their children to see an R rated movie and were then surprised to discover that ‘R’ didn’t stand for “Really suitable for children”. Anyway, you can take your kids to see this, so “yay!”

The Lego Batman Movie is a spin-off of the highly enjoyable Lego Movie and is helmed by the same director, Chris McKay. It features the voice talents of Will Arnett as Batman, as well as Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera, Zach Galifianekis and, urm, Mariah Carey. The movie is due for release in 2017 and if you aren’t excited for this one then it means you are dead on the inside just like Sadfleck.



Seth Rogan’s adaptation of Preacher premieres in May and the promotion machine for the show is starting to pick up momentum. So far we’ve seen an atmospheric teaser trailer and promo shots of the three main leads. This week AMC released another promo shot of one of the more unique characters from the show; Arse Face.


The son of an authoritarian sheriff, Arse Face attempts to take his own life just like his hero Kurt Cobain. However his suicide attempt is unsuccessful, leaving him horribly disfigured but with a newfound optimism. Every character in Preacher undergoes a strange journey but none more so than Arse Face, it will be interesting to see how closely the show sticks to the source text with him.


While the prosthetic certainly captures the essence of the character it’s not quite as close as the test shots that were leaked from the previous attempt to adapt Preacher (see the image above). Hopefully we will see a bit more from the show in the coming weeks and I am still hopeful that they will add the Saint of Killers to the line-up. Preacher premieres on May 22nd.



The last serving of Bat-news concerns the upcoming episodic game being developed by Telltale Games. Telltale is the studio behind the amazing Walking Dead and Game of Thrones games. If you are a fan of TWD then you absolutely need to play the Walking Dead game, but be warned; it makes the TV show look like a light hearted family comedy.

It goes without saying that expectations are high for Telltale’s Batman and the excitement level reached fever pitch with the release of a highly atmospheric teaser trailer. However the studio has stayed tight-lipped when it comes to details about gameplay. That is until this week when they released a press release containing some new information about the game.

We now know that the game will exist within its own continuity and will not replicate any past or current storylines. Players will control both Batman and Bruce Wayne and will be forced to make decisions that affect their relationships with various characters in the game as well as the state of Gotham itself.

As with the TWD and GOT games, every decision you make will directly affect the behaviour of the non-playable characters in the game. Confirmed characters include Commissioner Gordon, Alfred and Vicki Vale. No villains have been named as of yet but it seems likely that Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni will be featured given the noir tone of the game.



Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved American Gods is starting to shape up nicely. American Gods tells the tale of the battle between the ancient mythical gods and the new gods inspired by modern society’s love for technology, celebrity and excess. The story is played out against the backdrop of an American road trip as a shady mystic and his bodyguard prepare themselves for the coming war.

This week Sean Harris (Prometheus), Yetide Badaki (Masters of Sex) and Bruce Langley (Deadly Waters) were added to a cast that already includes Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane and Emily Browning. Harris will be playing the part of a washed-up leprechaun named Mad Sweeney, Badaki will play Bilquis, the ancient goddess of love and Langley will be playing one of the new gods, Technician Boy, the new god of technology.


Fuller has stated that the show won’t be a straight up adaptation of the novel, but will instead utilise elements of the huge plot to tell a story on a considerably smaller scale. Filming for the series begins next month and it is expected to reach our screen at the beginning of 2017. On a little side note this is my sister’s favourite book so I will definitely be covering it for the site.



Get ready to shout “SPOOOOON!” as The Tick is set to return to our screens later this year. Based on the 80’s indie comic, The Tick tells the story of a dim witted hero living in a world that has become oversaturated with superheroes. Together with his mild mannered sidekick Arthur/The Moth, The Tick stumbled his way through a series of misadventures.

The Tick first appeared on our screens in animated form and was later turned into a brilliant live action series by Fox in 2001. The show starred Patrick Warburton and became an instant cult classic despite being cancelled in 2002 (God damn you Fox!). Now Amazon is bringing the show back with comedian and Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Peter Serafinowicz in the lead role.


The show will pick up several years after The Tick’s last adventure, with him now suffering from amnesia and Arthur trying desperately to remind him of his heroic past. The series is being developed by the comic’s creator, Ben Edlund, With Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister, rumoured to be directing the pilot.

Even the most avid comic book fan would have to admit that the market is rapidly becoming oversaturated with superhero films and TV series but The Tick is a breath of fresh air. If you’ve never seen either of the shows or the comics then I recommend that you track them down. In fact you can watch an episode of the animated series by clicking here. Aren’t I nice?



Did someone say “oversaturation of the superhero market?” Yes, it was me just then. While that may be true there was a surge of excitement in Geektopia this week as rumours surfaced that Marvel’s next TV project might be an adaptation of Captain Britain. Yes, Captain Britain is a real thing and he actually does more than enforce proper queue etiquette at heritage sites and rescue overly dunked biscuits.

His origin story is actually pretty cool; Brian Braddock is an Essex boy (like me) who is granted mystical powers by the space wizard, Merlyn (not like me, unfortunately) so that he can defend Britain from evil. The character has teamed with Captain America and the Avengers on numerous occasions and enjoyed a highly successful run under Alan Moore.


Rumours of a TV series began to circulate after award winning artist Ciara McAvoy posted the above tweet suggesting that she is working on the concept art for the proposed series. It is still early days so there is no point in getting excited just yet. But if you are hungry for some Brit action he is set to play a major role in an upcoming Captain America storyline.



BBC America’s adaptation of Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency seems to have been stuck in development hell for an obscenely long time. However there was exciting news this week as it was revealed that hobbit and lover of imaginary, pot smoking dogs, Elijah Wood has been added to the cast as Dirk’s trusty assistant, Todd.

Still no official announcement on who will be playing Dirk himself, but Stephen Mangan did a fantastic job in a 2004 BBC adaptation of the novel so perhaps he could pick up where he left off. Not much is known about the show at this point other than the fact that the first series will consist of eight, one hour episodes written by Chronicle scribe, Max Landis. More news on this as it arrives.


So there you have it, not a great deal to report this week but at least we had some fun memes to look at and who doesn’t love a good meme? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading and until next time… keep on geeking in the free world.


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