Did you miss Frank? Well we only had to go without him for one episode before we got to catch up with everyone’s favourite sociopath. But Frank is in no position to do any punishing as he finds himself strapped in to a hospital bed, awaiting trial for a veritable smorgasbord of crimes with Reyes pushing heavily for the death sentence.  The DA is playing dirty and it seems as if Frank’s fate is sealed until Nelson & Murdock offers to take his case. While Frank is undeniably guilty of a whole lot of murders someone is still doing their best to set him up for a fall. Reyes’ revisionist history has all but erased the murder of his family and Frank’s past as a war hero, what’s more she has changed witness testimonies including Karen’s; Frank may be guilty but so is Reyes.

But before Matt can help Frank, he must first deal with the Yakuza that are gunning for Elektra. He accused her of being manipulative in the last episode and it is hard to argue with his reasoning when she has tricked him into this battle, even going so far as to have the Daredevil suit waiting for him at her apartment (apparently she could recognise that butt anywhere). They fend off the Yakuza together, Elektra is an incredibly gifted fighter and she actually seems to be enjoying herself, she even manages to work up an appetite during the fight. The two share an intense conversation over some pie where Matt agrees to help Elektra retrieve a ledger from Roxxon that contains records of all their criminal activities. His only caveat is that Elektra agrees to leave the city as soon as the job is done.

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Matt has a far harder time convincing Foggy to take on Frank’s case. Going against Reyes is a bad decision, particularly with an unwinnable case. But Matt argues that every life is worth saving, even Frank’s. Matt, Foggy and Karen pay a visit to the hospital where they encounter the now promoted Detective Mahoney. He warns them to keep their distance from Frank and to not pass him anything that could be used as a weapon. At first Frank is unwilling to work with them, he seems to have accepted his fate despite Matt’s insistence that he is the victim of a conspiracy. It is only when Karen shows him the picture of his family that she took from his house that Frank changes his mind, much to the annoyance of Reyes who finds herself once again outwitted by Nelson & Murdock.

While Karen and Foggy try to talk with Frank, Matt is summoned by Elektra. She informs him that he will be joining her as her guest at a Roxxon Gala. There they will intercept Roxxon’s accountant, Gibson, steal his key card and use it to gain access to the secure office where the ledger is kept. This proves harder than anticipated as the Yakuza have upped their security since Elektra hacked them. Matt corners Gibson in the bathroom, taking out his security and knocking the accountant unconscious. They use his key card to gain access to the secure office where they discover the ledger in a secret room, but there is no time to celebrate as the guards have discovered Gibson. Elektra and Matt fight off several Yakuza and outwit the remaining guards by pretending to be drunken lovers.


Things go less smoothly for Foggy and Karen, Frank point blank refuses to speak to Foggy but he does have some questions for Karen. He never returned to his house after his family was killed so he asks her to describe it in detail; the toys, the dishes, everything. He says the bullet to his skull makes it hard for him to remember, but Karen has helped to bring it all back. She lets him hold on to the photograph of his family and he agrees to answer any questions that she may have. Meanwhile Foggy is able to argue a reasonable plea bargain with Reyes, Frank will spend the rest of his life in prison but at least he won’t go to the chair, all he has to do is plead guilty. Of course that’s not how it goes down as Frank pleads not guilty, informing Reyes that he is going to watch her burn.

Despite his protests Matt clearly enjoyed his adventure with Elektra, and he is just as curious as she is when they discover a secret code inside the ledger. It seems the Yakuza have been up to something far worse than drug dealing, gun smuggling and human trafficking. Elektra suggests that their work isn’t quite done and Matt puts up no argument. But it seems as if they are wrong about one thing; it isn’t actually the Yakuza they are dealing. The head of Roxxon admits as much to Gibson before dishing out his punishment. Could it be possible that Roxxon is tied in to The Hand? Matt returns home after his adventure to find Foggy waiting for him. He fills him in on the situation with Frank; The People vs Frank Castle starts next week.

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Actually The People vs Frank Castle starts as soon as I have posted this review. If we think of Daredevil as a 13 hour film rather than a TV series, then this is most definitely the beginning of the second act. It seems unlikely that the court case will be dragged out for very long particularly if more of Daredevil’s lore is about to be introduced. Everything the show has done thus far has worked extremely well up to this point; the new characters feel fully formed and the relationships make sense. Speaking of relationships, Matt’s partnership with Elektra doesn’t bode well for his burgeoning romance with Karen. Elektra was right when she said Matt had a dark side; he does and his encounters with her and Frank will only make it harder for him to walk that line.


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