WORLDS FINEST – 7.5/10. If the Batman/Superman team up was the dark, gritty face of DC then the Supergirl/Flash crossover was its smiley, snuggly side that Zack Snyder probably has nightmares about. All joking aside, the superhero genre doesn’t have to be defined by any one style. Just like comics, there is plenty of room … More SUPERGIRL: S01E18


SAFE HOUSE – 7/10. Supernatural returned to our screens this week after a short hiatus with yet another ‘case of the week’ for Sam and Dean to solve. While a hunter episode means zero progress in the Darkness/Castifer storyline, the episode actually ended up being a lot of fun thanks to the involvement of some … More SUPERNATURAL: S11E16


SUPERHEAVY: PART 10 -8/10. Many people have taken up the mantle of the bat over the years; Dick Grayson, Jean-Paul Valley, Terry McGinnis, and most recently Jim Gordon. However there is and only ever will be one Batman and his name is Bruce Wayne. There were those who considered it somewhat premature for Scott Snyder … More BATMAN #50


A COLD DAY IN HELL’S KITCHEN – 7/10. Having escaped from The Hand, Matt returns to his apartment with Elektra and Stick to regroup. Matt tends to Stick’s injuries, although he keeps him tied to a chair as he has made it pretty clear that he plans to Kill Elektra. Both Stick and Elektra warn … More DAREDEVIL: S02E13


THE DARKNESS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL – 7/10 You know what they say about family; you can’t live with them, and you can’t ram a sai into their heads, not that that is going to stop Elektra from trying. In many ways, season 2 of Daredevil has been all about families; Matt, Elektra … More DAREDEVIL: S02E12