Hello Dead Heads and welcome to KOGITFW’s live coverage of the first ever Walker Stalker Con to be hosted in London. Walker Stalker is the American convention that is totally dedicated to The Walking Dead, focussing primarily on AMC’s hit TV show, but also on the comics, games, books and pretty much anything else that carries the TWD brand. The event includes interactive panels, workshops, photo ops, live music, cosplay and much, much more.

This will be my first attempt at live blogging so there may be the odd technical glitch but I will power through it just like Rick Grimes would, although he would probably react by staring intensely at someone and then shooting them in the face. So KEEP REFRESHING THIS PAGE throughout the day in order to see the latest updates from the con. You can also check out our micro coverage on Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon….


11.00 am

And so it begins, the hall is bigger than expected and absolutely crammed but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There aren’t as many vendors or activities as expected but it seems like pretty much every major cast member from the last 6 seasons is here, which is awesome! The first panel of the day is Walking Dead artist, Charlie Adlard and I will be covering that as it happens.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Charlie then let me know as I will be meeting him a bit later. Hopefully he will cover the events of issue 150 as well as discussing the most recent episode of the show and how he feels AMC has managed to bring his visuals to the screen.


12.00 pm

a few highlights from the Charlie Adlard panel:

  • His favourite moment on set was visiting the prison and seeing the attention to detail; the tables and chairs in the canteen were exactly as he had drawn them… Apparently seeing Michone in person came a close second to the chairs.
  • He hasn’t seen this week’s episode but he is surprised that Carl lost an eye due to how much this will cost the effects department from now on. Rick only got to keep his hand on the show due to budgetary reasons.


  • He doesn’t speak with the actors and isn’t influenced at all by the show, he feels it should always remain the other way round.
  • The only time he has ever questioned Robert Kirkman was over the decision to dedicate an entire issue to Michone torturing the Governor. He understood why the brutality was necessary but it was definitely a grueling issue to work on.
  • Pre release covers are deliberately misleading and he first drew Dwight’s crossbow just to mess with fans of the show.
  • He jokes that Kirkman seems like a big cuddly teddy bear but he clearly has a dark side.

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  • He admits to being disappointed that the Governor looked so different in the show and also that they didn’t nail Andrea as a character.
  • He hated drawing Judith, Glen and Shiva so he was glad to see them die.
  • He believes the recent time jump has really helped push the comic forward as time progresses very slowly in the story and now everything feels and looks different.
  • Says Negan’s appeal is his complexity. He has elements that are needed in that universe. He will never be a hero but he can be definitely be of service to Rick.

That’s all for now. Check back later for more updates.

02:30 pm

No updates for the moment due to a lengthy stay in a queue. Just so you don’t feel abandoned here is a picture of Negan to keep you entertained.

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05:45 pm

So I wasn’t able to live blog much further due to queuing like a true Brit, but I can offer you these awesome photos of Charlie drawing Negan. Enjoy.





I was able to have a very long conversation with Charlie while he drew the picture here are some of the things we discussed:

  • Negan was heavily modelled on Henry Rollins as is often rumoured. Kirkman tends to give him celebrities to use for reference when it comes to new characters, but ultimately he is given free range.
  • He is very happy with the casting of Henry Dean Morgan as Negan, Rollins would have been cool but truthfully he is a little too short for the role. Although Charlie would still like to see him in the show further down the line.
  • In regards to Rick barely surviving issue 150, he reinstated the fact that he and Kirkman have always said that The Walking Dead would not end with Rick’s death. Especially with so many communities and characters now established.
  • He has no plans to draw anything else at the moment as Walking Dead is a full time job. He definitely won’t be returning to The X-Files any time soon as he could never go back to drawing other people’s characters.


That pretty much ends the live coverage for day 1 of Walker Stalker. I would have liked to offer you a bit more but my geek urges overcame my journalistic integrity and I spent most of the day relentlessly stalking Charlie Adlard. Sorry Charlie.

Check back in a little bit for my post-con wrap up.

08:00 PM

The first day of Walker Stalker was a lot of fun, there are still a few organisational wrinkles to be ironed out but it can definitely be considered a success. While this was the first Walker Stalker to be held in the UK, it was likely to be the first con for a lot of the people in attendance. The majority of people seemed to be happy, but there were a few grumbles about the audio for the panels and the sloppy queuing system.


The fact is you can’t do everything in one day, which is why it’s best to go in with a two-day strategy. While newbies may have thought they would get to see every panel and actor that they wanted a signature from, they actually had to spend the majority of their time in queues. Queuing is a necessary evil when it comes to cons and the veterans amongst us take that for granted sometimes.

While I would have like to have offered you guys a bit more variety in my coverage, my experience was mostly focussed on the comics. Sadly I am but an impoverished blogger so I can’t afford to return tomorrow for day 2 of the con. In fact my only real criticism of the con was the cost; everything was unnecessarily expensive, hopefully they can make it all a bit more affordable for next year.

If you are heading back there tomorrow feel free to share pics and stories on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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