THE GEEK THAT WAS – 07/02/16



It’s Sunday again? Where does the time go? Well I know where my time goes; trawling endlessly through the headlines so I can produce this smorgasbord of wonders for you every Sunday. No, no, don’t thank me. I don’t do it for thanks I do it for the clicks and likes. But enough about me, let’s get down to business.

With Secret Wars finally over and most of their titles successfully relaunched (for some reason) it seems like Marvel is laying low in the build up to Civil War 2 and of course, their next movie, Captain America: Civil War. This has given DC the opportunity to hog the limelight with some exciting news regarding their TV properties.

Plus we have a few other bits of news from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Deadpool and Gotham as well as some sad news for rasslin fans. Anyway, enough talk let’s get to… urm… more talk I guess.



CBS have announced that they will be partnering with the CW and WB to bring The Flash over to Supergirl for a guest appearance. Neither camp has revealed much about how this team up comes about but we do know that the episode entitled ‘Worlds Finest’ will be broadcast on March 28th 2016. While I am not the biggest fan of Supergirl, I’m optimistic that this episode will be a lot of fun. The shows share a similar tone and both are built around very likable leads. But most excitingly, this crossover will signal the true birth of DC’s Multiverse.

DC currently has 7 TV properties on the air. While Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are all interconnected, Gotham, iZombie, Lucifer and Supergirl exist within their own universes, or at least they did until now. The discovery of Earth-2 in The Flash has created endless possibilities for parallel worlds and dimensions. Despite the constant Easter eggs in the DC/CW universe we know that Batman and Superman are not truly active there, nor for that matter is Supergirl. But we know that Barry Allen is more than capable of travelling to a world where these heroes do exist. He is the connection between DC’s unconnected shows.


The Multiverse theory is all but confirmed by the name of the episode, ‘Worlds finest’. While the name references one of DC’s most successful titles, the fact that they use the pluralised version of the word ‘world’ rather than ‘world’s’ suggests that Flash and Supergirl represent the very best of two different worlds. Superman exists in the world of Supergirl, so could we see an iconic race between the Scarlet Speedster and the Man of Steel? Could it even by possible that DC’s film and TV properties may not be as separate as we think, meaning that Grant Gustin’s Flash could one day come face to face with Ezra Miller’s? You’ve just got to love a good Multiverse!



Sticking with Flash it seems as though his next team up will be with Silent Bob, Well sort of. Kevin Smith has been talking about directing an episode of Flash for a while and it’s finally happening in March. Nothing is known about the episode itself and it is unclear if Smith will have a hand in writing it. Kevin Smith’s love of comics is common knowledge, he’s even written a few for DC, but this will be the first time he has helmed the camera for anything superhero related (Bluntman and Chronic doesn’t count). If it goes well this could maybe pave the way for Fatman to direct a DC property further down the line. He already has a great relationship with DC and I think he would be an amazing choice to write and direct a Blue Beetle film.

On a side note, if you are a Batman fan and you don’t listen to Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, then you need to fix that right now by clicking here.



In other Bat news, Fox released a new promo this week for the second half of season 2 of Gotham. Although only 15 seconds long the teaser sets the scene for the upcoming episodes. We see Penguin entering Arkham, seemingly of his own free will, before appearing in inmate’s clothes and being strapped into a chair, possibly for shock treatment or worse. While this certainly doesn’t bode well for Oswald, we do know that he will be joined by his father this season as played by Paul Reubens, who semi-reprises the role from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.


The trailer also features some kind of raid on the Asylum, perhaps a rescue attempt by the elder Cobblepot. We see Edward Nigma looking at dental records, Tabitha Galivan stalking someone, Bruce Wayne being noble yet irritating (presumably) and Jim Gordon doing Jim Gordon type things. Most excitingly though we get our first look at Nathan Darrow as Victor Fries AKA Mr Freeze. They’ve shunned his classic ‘fishbowl head’ look in favour of something more akin to Captain Cold’s parka and goggles combo, I have to say though, his freeze gun does look pretty cool.

As I mentioned last week I’m really not a fan of Gotham, however season 2 was a considerable improvement on the first season and I am hoping that this postive momentum will continue into the second half of the season. Either way I will be reviewing it, I do this not for myself but for you… and also the clicks and likes I mentioned earlier.



Ridley Scott revealed this week that Noomi Rapace will not be reprising her role as Dr Elizabeth Shaw in the Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. No official statement was released, instead Scott simply responded with a blunt “no” when asked about her involvement in an interview. It is not known if this was a mutual decision or if it was a call by either the actress or the director.

At this stage it is also unknown if the part will be recast or if the character will simply be absent from the film. We do know that Covenant will be set ten years after the events of Prometheus and that Michael Fassbender will be reprising his role as the android, David. While Rapace is a great actress, this isn’t necessarily the worst news as the absence of Shaw gives Scott a chance to relaunch his story, moving away from the many flaws of Prometheus.



Noomi Rapace may be done with space adventures but one person who is definitely coming back for more is Gwendoline Christie. While The Force Awakens was an undeniable hit with critics and fans alike, one very vocal complaint was the seeming underutilisation of Christie’s Captain Phasma. Phasma had been heavily featured in promotional material and merchandise in the build up to the film’s release, which is why it came as such a surprise that she appeared only fleetingly before being dispatched with little ceremony. That pain is all too familiar for fans of Bobba Fett.

But Phasma fans have nothing to fear as Christie revealed in an interview that we will be seeing much, much more of Captain Phasma in Episode 8. I am curious to know how she managed to escape the trash compacter before the destruction of Starkiller base (no, it’s not a spoiler; if you haven’t seen it by now then you don’t have the right to be outraged by people talking about it). One thing is for certain though, whatever Phasma’s part in episode 8 may be it most definitely involves yelling the word “traitor” at Finn.



Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn is right up there with Bryan Singer when it comes to social media activity. With rehearsals for the much anticipated sequel to GOTG underway and filming expected to start soon it came as little surprise to learn the main villain has been cast, although Gunn was less forthcoming about who that villain might be. Gunn also confirmed that this film will indeed feature Peter Quill’s father as a main character, not only this but the part has already been cast.

The identity of Star Lord’s father was the subject of much debate following the success of the first film. In the comics his father is revealed to be J’son of Spartax, a truly underwhelming character who has none of the mystic properties described at the end of GOTG. Gunn has more or less confirmed that J’son won’t be appearing in the film which means it could be quite literally anyone. Personally I am hoping that it is revealed to be Adam Warlock, which would serve as a perfect introduction for the character leading into the Infinity Wars films. Although he is somewhat redundant now thanks to Vision.


That said though there is no reason why Gunn couldn’t go outside of the canon and create an entirely new character to be Quill Senior. As always the internet is brimming with rumours masquerading as legitimate reports concerning the casting, with many people suggesting Kurt Russell has nabbed the role. While this is 100% unconfirmed, Kurt Russell would be a perfect addition to the cast, having played many loveable rogues and badass warriors throughout his career. Although his casting would pretty much rule out Adam Warlock as a possibility.



2016 has already claimed a great many legends, people that we didn’t know personally but still managed to help shape our lives and consciousness. This week wrestling fans were shocked to learn that Bret Hart is battling prostate cancer. The former WWE and WCW champion announced the sad news in a dignified statement that made no qualms about his determination to beat the cancer:

“I openly declare myself in my fight against prostate cancer. In the next few days, I will undergo surgery with the hope of defeating this nemesis once and for all… I make a solemn vow to all of those that once believed in me, the dead and the living, that I will wage my fearsome fight against cancer with one shield and one sword carrying my determination and my fury for life, emboldened by all the love that’s kept me going this long already.

There really isn’t much that needs to be added to that, they don’t come much tougher than the Hitman and we wish Bret all the best in his fight.



We can’t end the wrap up like that so here’s a bit of Deadpoolage to raise our spirits. With less than a week to go until the release of Deadpool in the UK, the world’s greatest marketing campaign continues to roll on. In the latest clip Deadpool dreams that he is playing football for Manchester United, scoring a penalty and celebrating with Wayne Rooney. The Merc with a Mouth then wakes up in his bed, clinging to his Wolverine action figure and calling out for Blind Al.

Not being a football fan myself the advert doesn’t particularly speak to me, but it definitely will connect with a large cross section of Britain, helping to draw even more people to the film. At this stage I really don’t see how Deadpool could be anything other than a success. By the time the next ‘Geek That Was’ is released we would have finally seen it. I’m almost sad to think that the flood of awesome vignettes will stop. But then again I honestly believe Ryan Reynolds will keep on recording them after the film comes out anyway.


Wow, what an emotional roller coaster this week’s wrap up turned out to be. We really are in the golden era of geekiness right now. It seems as if you can’t throw a batarang in the air without hitting a superhero franchise. I can’t even be bothered to try and hide how excited I am about the potential for a DC multiverse, even if I consider large parts of it to be awful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and until next time… keep on geeking in the free world.


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