THE GEEK THAT WAS – 31/01/16



It’s been a fairly quiet week in Geektopia, with things calming down after a huge start to the New Year. Most of this week’s news came in the form of announcements and rumours surrounding DC’s various TV properties. The internet did lose its collective mind on Friday when a Twitter user’s rant about The Big Bang Theory went viral. I’ve posted the controversial tweet here… because some men just want to watch the world burn.

Do you agree with Mr McDouchebag? Let us know in the comments, but now it’s time for the headlines, let’s go over to Jenny at the News Desk. Jenny…



Is everyone as excited as I am about the upcoming release of the Skull-Turd-L movie? Regardless of your opinions of Wade Wilson and Ryan Reynolds (is there even any difference at this point?) there can be no denying that the marketing for Deadpool has been on point. From Reynold’s faux interview segment with Mario Lopez that ended with AC slater taking a blunt object to the head, to the Valentine’s themed posters to help men convince their ladies to see the film, everything has resonated perfectly with the anarchic, self-aware tone that has come to define Deadpool.

This week saw the release of 2 new vignettes to promote the film, the first of which was a message to Deadpool’s Aussie fans in celebration of Australia Day (yes that is a thing). In the clip Wilson takes yet another knowing swipe at the awful X Men Origins: Wolverine, a film that completely missed the target with Deadpool’s character. The ever charming Hugh Jackman responded stating that he found the whole thing hilarious and that he can’t wait to see the film. Although don’t expect Hugh to turn up in Deadpool 2 as he will be hanging up his claws after Wolverine 3.

The second video served as an infomercial for testicular cancer, an educational piece that features lines like “I’m sure you rummage around downstairs more than Mummy would like” and “remember to tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber crazy.” This is quite literally the best thing I have ever seen and it makes perfect sense as Wade himself is a victim of cancer. As well as being hilarious it also promotes awareness for an important subject so I am more than happy to share it here. Roll on January 12th!



It was announced this week that a future episode of Legends of Tomorrow would feature an older version of Oliver Queen in the year 2046. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed a lot of interesting information about the upcoming episode, most notably that it will introduce Connor Hawke, Queen’s son and successor to the Green Arrow mantle. Even more exciting was the news that future Oli will sport the blonde goatee that is a trademark of the character in the comics, something Stephen Amell had previously said would never happen.


However the biggest news was that this future version of Oli would appear as he does in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, with just one arm. In TDKR the defiant Queen loses his arm while battling Superman, could this be yet another hint that Superman and Batman do indeed exist within the DC/CW universe? We’ve seen plenty of hints; Wayne Enterprises mentioned in the future headlines on Flash, a Harley Quinn cameo and Oracle namecheck on Arrow, most recently an LOT promo featured the line “I’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall.” These all make for fantastic Easter eggs, but with DC presenting unique versions of Flash on both the big and small screens it’s not inconceivable that Batman and Superman could pop up somewhere on DC/CW programming. That said though, I wouldn’t hold my breath.



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … No, it’s a slightly out of focus super hero. Superman has had a presence of sorts on CBS’ Supergirl since the pilot. He is constantly mentioned, we’ve seen him messaging Kara online (as if he wasn’t overpowered already he now has emojis at his disposal too), and we’ve even been treated to the odd blurry shot of that iconic red and blue suit. But for the most part he has been kept out of the picture. This actually makes perfect sense as Supergirl is the focus of the story, featuring a huge character such as Superman would invariably draw the spotlight away from her.

However, Smallville actor Tom Welling made geeky headlines this week when asked if he would be interested in reprising the role of Superman for an appearance on the show. This was his response:

“There’s people who would like it… there’s people who don’t like it, but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it. So, I don’t know. It would be kind of odd. I don’t know who he is at that point. He would obviously be Superman…”

So it appears then that the answer for the time being is no, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t work. Despite being on different networks, a cameo from Welling would tie the worlds of Smallville and Supergirl together without compromising the narrative of either. Even then there wouldn’t have to be any direct references made to Smallville, the viewers could fill the gaps for themselves. The real question isn’t would it be cool? Of course it would, the question is would it benefit the show beyond a rating spike? The answer to that is most likely not.


I am surprised to say that Supergirl has managed to win me over during its freshman run, it may not be great TV but it certainly is enjoyable. Melissa Benoist is incredibly likable as Kara/Supergirl and despite a lot of very shoddy storytelling the presence of the Martian Manhunter on the show has proven enough to keep this viewer intrigued.



Some exciting news from the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, the show has cast one of its main protagonists, Shadow Moon. Moon is an ex-con who gets swept up in the war between the titular gods when he is hired to be the bodyguard of a mysterious man named Mr Wednesday. The part will be played by former Hollyoaks and The 100 star, Ricky Whittle. With Hannibal showrunner, Bryan Fuller and Gaiman himself collaborating on the project it’s safe to say that fans of the book and its subsequent follow up are expecting big things. Personally I am not entirely convinced by Whittle’s casting, but in Fuller and Gaiman we trust so I am very much looking forward to being proven wrong.



The Undertaker is a legend in the twilight years of his career; every appearance is precious and should be booked as such. The original plan for Taker at this year’s Wrestlemania was to have him face John Cena. Whatever your opinion of Cena may be it’s hard to deny that this would be a marquee match. Even better the two have rarely locked horns in the past, giving the bout a rare ‘dream match’ feel. However a shoulder injury suffered by Cena at the start of the year would lay waste to these plans. Now, rumour has it that a new challenger has been put forward in the shape of the Wyatt family’s Braun Strowman.

There can be no doubt that Strowman is an impressive physical specimen, few men can stand eye to eye with the Big Show, but aside from his impressive size there isn’t much to him. He lacks charisma and has continually failed to impress in the ring. His position as Bray Wyatt’s enforcer is the perfect role for him as all he is required to do is stand around, look scary and every so often club someone over the head with his tree trunk of an arm. Putting him in to a programme with the Undertaker just wouldn’t make for great viewing.


The WWE has done this kind of thing before, pushing Taker into Lacklustre programmes with Giant Gonzalez and Great Khali. The formula of Undertaker plus large, unimpressive wrestler is one that has repeatedly failed to yield results. There is a wealth of performers on the roster who could put on a great match with the Phenom. I for one would love to see him fight Kevin Owens this year, the build-up would be electric and Owens is skilled enough to do the brunt of the work in the match.

Taker has already feuded with the Wyatts; he’s even fought off Strowman so the feud would feel even more unsatisfying if repeated. It should be noted that this is all just internet speculation right now so it may not happen. Who would you like to see Undertaker fight in Texas? Let’s not forget that Kurt Angle will soon be a free agent, now there’s a rematch I would be happy to watch.



It was confirmed by Fox this week that Jada Pinkett-Smith would be reprising her role as Fish Mooney when Gotham returns to our screens this year. Let me be brutally honest; I don’t like Gotham, I have never liked Gotham, it’s a terrible show that I only continue to watch because it carries the Bat Brand and because I am a glutton for punishment. That said even the show’s harshest critic would have to admit that it has improved considerably in its second season… actually I think I may be the show’s harshest critic, so there you go.

One of the contributing factors to the rise in quality was the departure of one Jada Pinkett-Smith. Mooney was a terrible character and Pinkett-Smith’s pantomime performance only served to highlight the poor quality of the writing. So the news of her return is yet another example of the ‘two steps forward, eight steps back’ issue that makes Gotham such a frustrating experience. It should be noted that Fish’s return isn’t totally unexpected as eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed her amongst the inhabitants of the mysterious Indian Hill facility.

Did I mention that I don’t really like Gotham?


So there you have it, that was the geek that was. Did you agree with what I had to say? Are you a die-hard Strowman and Gotham fan? Would you maybe like to see Braun Strowman cameo on an episode of Gotham? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading and until next time… keep on geeking in the free world


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